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Why we created alchemy dose

At ALCHEMY DOSE, we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to make the benefits of Adaptogenic Mushrooms and Herbs more widely available.

Adaptogens are a class of herb that boosts the body's ability to adapt to the environment. 

In today's environment, where we are continuously overwhelmed with pressures, these are extremely vital.

We are on a mission to better health and wellness through the use of Fungi and other natural sources!

Our team is focused on putting the unnoticed superfoods and their benefits into the spotlight.

We're excited to share the positive impact that natural sources can have on people's health. 

Our natural products provide special functions and provide nutraceutical benefits.

Our purpose is simple: to use the amazing properties of functional mushrooms and other natural sources to promote people's health and wellness.

Humans have used the rejuvenating powers of fungus and plant sources to enhance mental and physical health for thousands of years, extending back to ancient civilizations.

We're here to help you resurrect that ancient philosophy and promote a healthy ritual. 

Long story short, we are totally obsessed with the power of mushrooms and hope that you will be too.

What motivates us is a conscious desire to improve people's lives. It is what has driven us to transform our passion into products – pushing us to make Alchemy Dose unlike any other provider of adaptogenic products.

We hope that by sharing this with you, you will have all of the tools you need to deal effectively with modern life.

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Note from our founder

ALCHEMY DOSE is the synthesis of all of my interests.

At a time when I was ready to pursue my dreams, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and had to completely alter the way I approached life. 

It wasn't easy, but after altering my diet, leading a healthier lifestyle through exercise and forming good rituals, I was free of this illness as well as armed with an important lesson: The power of discipline!

 ALCHEMY DOSE is that same principle materialized; it’s me synthesizing all those interests into something unique- Functional mushrooms.

 Mushrooms or adaptogens are not meant as an instant cure, however, they do equip you to gain balance within yourself so that you can achieve wellness holistically.

The optimal way to boost the strength and intelligence of our bodies; and to improve our ability to handle stressful situations is to regularly consume such superfoods.

What especially worries me is the decline in our mental health over the last decade, which has been compounded by the anxiety and stress caused by Covid-19.

After stumbling across these incredible medicinal mushrooms, my curiosity sparked and I started exploring this area further. Plowing through study after study revealed all that these mighty fungi have to offer – so naturally the next step was sourcing them!

 What surprised me is how hard it is to find good quality mushroom extracts produced in India with assurance about active compounds like polysaccharides & beta-glucans present on their labels.

Therefore, I opted to try a US-made product and started conducting my own research on global sellers certified by the USDA. I ordered samples, got them tested and found that they were reasonably potent.

 After pushing through my plan for almost a year, I consumed all the samples I was left with and I was astounded by the improvement in my immune system, my stamina and focus.

There needs to be more accessible options available to people and it inspired me to create a brand dedicated to helping you achieve overall wellness.

We understand how tough it is to strike a healthy work/life balance. We’re here to make it a little easier for you so you can be the best version of yourself.

Nature's healing power is something we believe in. Our Goal Is to assist you in thinking, creating and feeling your absolute best.

 I'm looking forward to hearing how ALCHEMY DOSE makes your life better.

In gratitude and health,

Irvien Khurana, 

Founder/CEO of Alchemy Dose

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